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What you need to know: In addition to being functional ornamental furniture is one sure way of expressing rank and prestige, think of thrones of kings and bishops. Ornamental furniture has a long and distinguished history. Starting from ancient Egyptian civilisation to the European industrial age. The Egyptians added aesthetic details to furniture, which was later adopted in the Mediterranean regions of Italy and Spain. Furniture was then highlighted with light or colourful tones to add warmth and an artistic or rustic touch to home spaces. Frank Nsubuga Kiwanuka, a marketing sales executive at Footsteps Furniture Company Limited, says decoration is normally concentrated where it will not be in the way. For example, on the legs, arms, and backs of chairs, on the ends and canopies of beds; on the legs and stretchers of tables and on all vertical surfaces of cupboards and chests of drawers. RELATED How to use linen to accentuate décor Homes and Property Jun 01 Decorating with accent walls Homes and Property Jun 01 The designs are achieved using ornamental stone, paintings, patterns, decorative steel handles, sisal or African crafts, among others. The expert says in addition to being functional ornamental furniture, it is one sure way of expressing rank and prestige; think of thrones of kings and bishops, the seats of heads of state or the writing desks of chief executives. “Each piece of ornamental furniture added to your home brings with it a sense of privilege and gives a unique sense of identity to your style,” says Kiwanuka. According to Kiwanuka, the furniture enables minimalist homeowners to incorporate more accessories without necessarily adding more pieces. “For a room that is occupied with sofa sets engraved with stone work and chests of drawers that rest upon unique stands or coffee sets artistically decorated with floral patterns, one usually does not require to clutter the space with more accessories,” he explains. This way, homeowners get to cut on decorating expenses as the furniture itself is enough. Considerations Some homeowners are put off by highly decorative pieces, which tend to look gaudy if not used cautiously. Kiwanuka says there are several ways to integrate this furniture in homes without compromising your style. To achieve a well-balanced ambience, the expert suggests that home owners tone down on the shades and paint hues around or near where the furniture is placed. “The colour of your interior should be calm, such as off-white, matte black, grey and tan, which blend well with statement furniture,” he shares. While exploring calm paint hues, he adds that one should blend the ancient ornamental look with modern furnishings such as modern paintings, flower pots, and lighting. In this way one can tone down on the presence of interior accessories and create a well-balanced ambience of art where “old meets new.” Placement The dining room is one of the prime spaces for ornamental furniture. Having statement furniture such as a dining table will elevate the décor. “The choice of furniture is an important one and if you only pick special pieces, then nothing will make an impact. However, if you try and allow all attention to go to one item and keep the others less ornate and smaller, you will achieve the desired effect. For instance, in the dining room, you can either choose a highly ornate table or dining chairs but not both. A room full of statement-makers will seem cramped and heavy,” he advises. To create balance in your dining room he suggests pairing a marble that mimics earthly tones with raw wooden dining chairs. In the living room, sofas are the most commonly used statement furniture pieces. Since a sofa dominates the space, it acts as a great accent piece. With sofas, you have a myriad of options to choose from, and you can get marvelous results provided you pair them with the right items. However, you also want the sofa to be practical and comfortable. Remember to experiment with cushions to add more charm. Decorating with ornamental furniture If you have fixed your eyes on a piece of furniture and you absolutely love it, here is how to incorporate it into your home. Let it stand out. Strategically place the piece to make it more visible. Do not be afraid to use paint. When you run out of pairing ideas, you can always use paint to make a piece stand out. You do not have to match everything. Instead of trying to match, minimise the colours you use, and use the main accent colour in three different areas. Reconsider the furniture arrangement. To meet your taste and style, do not be afraid to rearrange the room or tweak things to create balance. Balance the scales. When choosing an ornamental piece, make sure it is practical and does not obstruct you from conducting your day-to-day activities.



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